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What is Allegro?

How does it work?

Allegro technology incorporates both a product and a process. Kairos starts with American White Oak (Quercus alba L.), the same wood used to make Bourbon barrels. The logs are stripped of bark and particalized before being subjected to one of Kairos' proprietary, all natural processing treatments. After processing, Kairos has a "library" of approximately fifteen different types, or "flavors", of wood product.

These different products are then "blended" into a formulation specific to the distillate to be aged and the results desired. Allegro formulations are not "off-the-shelf" or "one-size-fits-all": each distillate requires custom "tailoring" of the formulation and subsequent processing. This "tailoring" is done by Kairos' Laboratory in consultation with the customer. The final approved formula is sold exclusively to the customer for whom it was developed on a "per-liter" basis.